Balochistan, the land full of natural resources and minerals has always been ignored by the government authorities and the people in other parts of Pakistan. Health and education facilities in the rural areas of the province have been bad since forever and the blame game, on whose fault it has been, never gets over. The inhabitants are deprived of the basic needs. Sadly, good health and education facilities seem like a luxury to that part of the country.

There comes a time when the firm belief in yourself and the efforts make you forget all your grievances and you start stepping forward towards prosperity. This is what the founder of DEWA FOUNDATION is currently doing. DEWA Foundation is the brainchild of a group of students who wish to forget all the negative behaviors’ and move on to help themselves.

DEWA Foundation is, basically, focusing on the education and the health sector in the rural areas of Balochistan. There, no doubt, is immense talent and resources but no proper facilities or guidelines to channel the resources and talent in a more useful manner. The young minds behind DEWA foundation vow on making the rural areas of the province what they deserve to be. What are they doing to achieve what they wish for? Collecting the donations and using their personal funds to get to what they have planned for.

The founder along with his team of volunteers, DEWA foundation have deleted the misconception about the nonprofit organizations and moved from table talk to reality. DEWA Foundation initiated its first school in March, in Karezat, village Murgha Zakaryazai and they have started working on the next one already. The quality of education they are giving to their students, with the limited resources they have, is no less than any organization in the urban areas of the country.

The biggest challenge for any non-profit organization has to be the shortage of funds. The young enthusiasts of DEWA foundation are working hard on collecting the donations so the cause never stops. As the children (with scholarship ratio 30:70) in the DEWA foundation schools are studying free of cost, the money donated can never be enough. So, here is an appeal to all the people out there to donate as much as you can so this noble cause doesn’t end here.

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