Achievements Our Journey through the Years

DEWA started its operations in a 2014. And today by the Grace of God, we have successfully established 2 non-profitable schools in District Pishin, Tehsil Karezat in 2014 and 2016 respectively, And enrolled 125 in MarghaZakaryazai campus, and 61 in Khanozai campus, with total strength of 186 out of which 131 (70.7%) are boys and 54 are girls (29%), in which 52 students are getting scholarships i.e. 30.2%. while employed 18 people, with 18 female teachers.

  1. Vision & Mission:

“Educating the Nation”

Vision Statement

DEWA foundation foresees every Child of Balochistan highly qualified and educated

 Mission Statement

DEWA aims to be the leading foundation in availing Quality Education, Standardized lifestyle, Secure and brighten Future to the citizens of region.

 Core Values

Quality Education

Standardized lifestyle

Secure and brighten Future of all neglected Communities

Objectives and Goals

  • To contribute to overcome Instability,
  • To enhance literacy
  • To demolish, Poverty through quality education

 To make people agents of positive change for the betterment of society

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State of Education in Pakistan

The literacy rate in Pakistan is way below par. The total expenditure of the National Budget spent on education has always been insubstantial. In a society where such is the state of education: ignorance, poverty, immorality, social injustice and corruption is the way of life. The root cause of all the evils, existing in our social structure is illiteracy.

The rural population of Pakistan has always been ignored in the field of education. The educational facilities that have been provided by the government have been of a substandard quality with no thought to their needs and prosperity.
With this situation in hand, a group of young volunteers decided to form a welfare society to teach those who are deprived. Their main priority was moral upbringing and character building by means of education.

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Why we are needed

The world is witnessing waves of terror and after prolong war across the border has destabilized this human populated region.

This is our world that is a global village where we live and will have to live a positive chain of coexistence. So the current issues are universal in nature and their solutions must be sought in collaboration with the global community.

An Illiterate and poverty stricken youth has lost the demanded direction of our twenty-first century. It is a closed ended road. The society is going through a kind of devastated fragmentation. Well to do have either moved or moving to greener pastures, leaving behind dejected lot.

We young minds were convinced, that EDUCATION is the only way forward. Therefore, we made plans. we started convincing our communities and other people. Later on we launched series first SCHOOL with the name of DEWA (A light in dark) and gave slogan to children that they would beat the darkness with the light of education. Things changed rapidly and many like minded people gathered around. We successfully completed one year. Young educated girls were engaged into teachers that were also a message to the society that women can also play one of the most important roles in reforming society.

To give solid ground to this project, we mobilized youth of the area and created a strong, motivated team, we initiated different fundraising campaigns, we start selling dewa shirts with msg, “Education is the vaccine for violence”, arranged fundraising events in universities and colleges, strart promoting cause on social media, put charity boxes in shopping malls, start networking with well to do members of the society.

Now we ask you all to come ahead and join us in this noble way. There are a lot more to activate. Change will not come if we wait for other persons, or we wait for some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are the change that we seek. We have established series of first school, and people have donated their lands for more schools, we invite you to fight alongside us, help us in establishing and maintaining more schools, and then keep going on, we will not stop until every child of this region get educated.

We know that it is the beginning and a long way lies ahead. We are also aware of practical problems of mobilization of resources. But with firm resolution and dedication, these hurdles can be overcome.

Join us for PEACE, Join us for Education, Join us to End Poverty, Join us for calm peaceful 21st century globe.

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How we Are Different

The DEWA Foundation believes in community participation, this why the DEWA Foundation involves the local communities from the planning to the end of the intervention because the experiences clearly shows that communities should be given a subjective role.

The DEWA foundation regrets the dependency whether it is financial or technical, in this regards the organization has planning to implement its new educational Idea (a profitable school THE JOYCATION in metropolitan cities will sustain the community school in remote Balochistan.

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