The world is witnessing waves of terror and after a prolonged war across the border has destabilized this human populated region.

This is our world that is a global village where we live and will have to live through a positive chain of coexistence. So the current issues are universal in nature and their solutions must be sought in collaboration with the global community.

An Illiterate and poverty stricken youth has lost the demanded direction of our twenty first century. It is a closed ended road. The society is going through a kind of devastated fragmentation. Well to do have either moved or moving to greener pastures, leaving behind dejected lot.

I am Asghar Khan who belongs to the same affected region Balochistan, the land full of natural resources and minerals. This place has not been taken in account by any authorities on any platform. The inhabitants here are deprived of the basic needs. Therefore, good educational facilities seem like a luxury to this part of the country.

After completing my MBA in 2012, I had this option to have left my home town for better future. But an escapist approach was a sort of self-defeating zone. How many can leave? Those who are left behind are also our beloveds. So I decided to wage my own battle, a battle for peace and light. It was a difficult path. Change in this part of the world is extremely difficult due to conservative approaches and its impacts. I also knew that an individual effort is not going to work, at all. Youth were to be mobilized and it was it was very difficult task due to financial impediments.

However, as I was convinced, that EDUCATION was the only way forward. Therefore, I made my plans. I started convincing my friends, fellows and associates. It had importance for me to have few motivated friends around and thus I launched series first SCHOOL with the name, DEWA (A light in dark), and gave slogan to children that they would beat the darkness with the light of education.
I am happy that things changed rapidly and many likeminded people gathered around me. We successfully completed one year. Young educated girls were engaged as teachers emitting a message that women can also play one of the most important roles in the reformation of the society.

I have actualized the dream, and this candle is going to light the path. Now I can see a lively glow in the eyes of the children and their parents, who had lost all hopes. They have all the qualities of head and heart, what they needed was merely a vision and a step in the right direction.

To give solid ground to my project, I mobilized the youth of the area and created a strong, motivated team, we initiated different fundraising campaigns, we start selling DEWA shirts with the message,“Education is the vaccine for violence”, we also arranged fundraising events in universities, strarted promoting Cause on social media, put charity boxes in shopping malls in an effort to start networking with well to do members of the society.

 Now I ask you all to come ahead and join us in this noble way. There are a lot more to activate. Change will not come if we wait for other persons, or we wait for some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are the change that we seek. We have established series first school, and people have donated their lands for more schools, I invite you to fight alongside us, help us in establishing and maintaining more schools, and then keep going on, we will not stop until every child of this region get educated.

I know that it is the beginning and a long way lies ahead. I am also aware of practical problems of mobilization of resources. But with firm resolution and dedication, these hurdles can be overcome.

Join us for PEACE, Join us for Education, Join us to End Poverty, Join us for a calm & peaceful 21st century globe.