Achievements Our Journey through the Years

DEWA started its operations in a 2014. And today by the Grace of God, we have successfully established 2 non-profitable schools in District Pishin, Tehsil Karezat in 2014 and 2016 respectively, And enrolled 125 in MarghaZakaryazai campus, and 61 in Khanozai campus, with total strength of 186 out of which 131 (70.7%) are boys and 54 are girls (29%), in which 52 students are getting scholarships i.e. 30.2%. while employed 18 people, with 18 female teachers.

  1. Vision & Mission:

“Educating the Nation”

Vision Statement

DEWA foundation foresees every Child of Balochistan highly qualified and educated

 Mission Statement

DEWA aims to be the leading foundation in availing Quality Education, Standardized lifestyle, Secure and brighten Future to the citizens of region.

 Core Values

Quality Education

Standardized lifestyle

Secure and brighten Future of all neglected Communities

Objectives and Goals

  • To contribute to overcome Instability,
  • To enhance literacy
  • To demolish, Poverty through quality education

 To make people agents of positive change for the betterment of society

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