DEWA Impacts

DEWA FOUNDATION is going to be harbinger of change. It is an educational Charitable foundation, running on local contributions by well to do members of the society. The major change catalyst is education, which can break age old chains of outdated mores. My initial work kindles hope that if pursued with positive intent and on scientific lines, I will break the ice. My academic qualification helps me to market my idea for change. DEWA is a Pashto word mean earthen lamp, DEWA stands for Development, Education, Welfare and Advocacy. DEWA is a non-profit and purely humanitarian organization.

The basic theme of education is to develop understanding related to environment and decision making ability. Through our sincere endeavors, in just one year, number of families have realized about social awareness. One of the hindrances in Pakistan’s progress road is Women Empowerment, specifically in remote areas of Balochistan. However, our efforts have alleviated gender discrimination up to our capacity. Keeping in consideration the tribal rules and regulation. Dewa foundation broke the long silence for their rights, and gave them opportunity to inaugurate their carriers as school teachers which have pronged effects; revamping economical pyramid and countering poverty. Till date 100% staff is female. This school is providing a motivating and conducive environment to students to polish their personalities holistically by conducting different curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Because I believe these activities reduce the extremist trends among children.

Including the local communities has been mobilized towards the importance of education in result, the enrolment ratio has been increased and the dropout ratio decreased.


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