DEWAFOUNDATION a non-profit,Charitable, Educational Foundation of rural Balochistan, with mission to serve the masses of rural areas through education. DEWA Foundation is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 at Directorate of Industries and Commerce Quetta, Baluchistan, Registration number 1980, dated 07-11-2013.

DEWA foundation is a team of Professionals who have devoted their selves to ensure a better future through educationspecifically of Balochistan and generally of Pakistan. Foundation aims to see Balochistan a progressive, promoted and well educated province among the provinces. DEWA holds the promise of professionals, experts and knowledgeable personalities to get the foundation to its mission and vision. The foundation surrounds the following functional areas Development, Education, Welfare and Advocacy.

Balochistan Consisting of many districts and divisions located at distance from the city Quetta yet on wait to have quality educational facilities. It’s a challenging task for Government of Balochistan to approach those deprived and underprivileged citizens abiding in rural and distance areas. It remained a distant dream standard education, better lifestyle because of limited resources and improper implementation.

Its DEWA foundation who slogans and attempts to provide quality education at the doorsteps of these underprivileged and unfortunate rural communities, imparting necessary skills to the semi educated youth, to prepare them a useful citizens; contributing towards the socio-economic uplift of the country. DEWA accepts a Standardized Life Style as a fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan and is committed to make it avail. This challenge demands efficient use of available resources. These resources may come from the government, private sector, civil society and developmental partners.

The Foundation team comes up with an objective to bring planned changes in attitude and behavior of people so that better to serve, better to deserve and prosperous society to reserve. The existing socio condition paves way to new era. Arranging counseling sessions for adolescents and youth is a regular feature for all types of institutions. This enables them to take decision as per their need; which leads to socio-economic uplift.