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Educatiing the Nation

To contribute to overcome Instability, Illiteracy, Poverty through quality education to the citizens of rural areas of Baluchistan and Pakistan. And to make them agents of positive change for the betterment of society.


  "Educating the Nation"


  Quality Education
   Healthy Life Style
   Secure Future


Education is the most fundamental pillar of a functional society. At DEWA Foundation, we strive to
create a system and framework to educate all of the citizens of Balochistan, Pakistan. We believe
education starts with the understanding of the need of engagement from the entire community.
Our efforts are all-encompassing; from building new schools to instilling a love of learning amongst
children to providing local residents with the training, tools and skills to actively engage parents in
school activities.

Program Activities

  • Establishing and Maintaining Formal DEWA Foundation Schools
  • Establishing Elementary & Secondary Schools in remote areas of Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Establishing and Maintaining Non-Formal Schools
  • Conducting Student Enrollment campaigns
  • Facilitating Enrollment of Students in non-DEWA Foundation Schools
  • Formation of Parent-Teacher Associations
  • To mobilize and manage resources and to act as a conduit for promotion of education through
multiple sources.
  • Offering Adult Literacy Courses
  • Providing Teacher Training Courses

Help us built schools, and educate the Nation. Help us provide better educational facilities to the schools in rural areas of Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Education brings awareness and consciousness, Education is the third eye. Only through education
we discover ourselves, we discover the Allah Almighty. The purpose of our existence is this discovery.
And Quality Education is our agenda.
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Dewa Foundation ( Educating the nation) Join the Nobel Cause of Dewa.
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